Adept Networks has a wide selection of cables and connectors to meet all of your computer needs. Transferring data between devices is possible through many different means, including the SATA (or Serial ATA) connector.

The Serial ATA (SATA) is a data storage interface that allows two devices to be connected. It was initially designed for computational devices but now it's used on many types of electronic systems, such as for mechanical and optical drives. "Serial" means that the path from one component or device to another follows individual links in a chain, while "AT" refers to an Intel-developed computer bus standard called Advanced Technology; hence Serial ATA, or SATA.

Below is a list of some common types and some information explaining what each type does:

  • SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is the current generation input/output system for linking devices to a motherboard and other computer components. The SATA II standard has a data transfer rate of up to 3Gb/s, while SATA III supports 6Gb/s.
  • eSATA allows users to access hard drives or graphics cards over external connections up to two meters in length.
  • mSATA is a smaller form factor for SSDs using mini-sized ports on motherboards. It was introduced at CES 2009 and is capable of speeds up to 4GB/s.
  • ATA-Express takes advantage of PCI-Express and SATA technology by using a single connector, so they can access greater bandwidth.

Today, the best computers come with a lot of different cables and adaptors. One common type is SATA cable adaptors that transmit data at speeds faster than those without it. Adaptors come in various sizes because there are right-angled ends for difficult spaces or tight spots. These adaptors have been extensively tested to higher standards and work on all types of laptops and computer systems.

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