Start and inter leads, available in various lengths, are used to connect and power many of our desktop products.

This allows users to customise their desktop setup and place their equipment exactly where they want it. Our inter and start leads are available as single units, making them ideal for desktop cable management.

Initially, the 13A fused UK plug start leads were connected to a 3-pole female connector and then inter-leads to another 3-pole female connector. These leads are typically used to power a desktop PC in a fixed location, such as a computer desk.

With a couple of simple connections, your 13A socket can become a central hub for your power requirements across multiple products. This can be achieved by using the start lead for powering your units from the mains. Alternatively, you can use inter leads for the daisy-chaining method, where you can "chain" multiple products with a single 13A socket.

The original models are now discontinued and difficult to source. The newer style "GST18" connectors that have replaced the original models are incompatible, so you'll need to use the older "Wieland type ST18/3" connectors, which are compatible.

Please double-check the type of connectors/leads you want and whether adaptor leads are required.

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