Have you recently upgraded to the latest PC, tablet, or netbook?

Are you still searching for portable storage for your music, photos, movies, and other files? USB flash drives are compact and easy-to-use devices that are similar in use to your computer hard drive.

USB flash drives slip into your pocket, conveniently around your neck or on a keychain for ultimate portable storage. USB flash drives finally fulfil the real promise of the digital age: complete freedom and mobility.

USB flash drives are also a convenient storage solution for laptops and tablets. They are portable, small, lightweight, and are inexpensive.

With USB flash drives, you can store, copy, move, backup, share, view, and access files quickly and easily, wherever you are. And depending on the capacity of the drive, you can transfer up to hundreds of digital photos, hundreds of digital music files, or thousands of digital files.

USB flash drives therefore make an ideal storage solution for travellers, professionals, casual users, and more. Here at Adept Networks, we have USB Flash Drives for all of your digital storage needs.

Our flash drives are USB 3.0 compatible, this is more beneficial because it won't make your computer suffer from slower data transfer speeds. We stock capacities from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

They are also backward compatible with existing USB 2.0 ports, this allows existing users to be able to migrate without replacing their drive in the future. The dimensions of these USB 3.0 Flash Drives are 55mm x 21mm x 10.1mm.

Why not browse our range and we are sure to have what you are looking for.

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