These MTRJ-MTRJ Multimode Duplex Fibre Patch Leads are inexpensive, great-value products.

Our MTRJ-MTRJ multimode duplex fibre patch leads at Adept Networks are made from high-quality connectors and are available in OM1 and OM2. There is an insertion loss test report and a short strain relief boot. The patch leads are packaged in separate bags with a label, an LSOH grey sheath, and a short strain relief boot. MTRJ connectors are smaller and lighter than FDDI connectors.

In addition, MTRJ connectors are less expensive, which makes them a cost-effective alternative for smaller networks. They are versatile and are used in network applications like storage and data management systems, telecommunications equipment, and laser printers. They enable easy connection of network devices to fibre optic cables.

Don't hesitate to order your MTRJ multimode duplex fibre patch leads today from Adept Networks! We offer quality network fibre optic cable at competitive prices.

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