Have you run out of room for extra sockets?

If so, then you can use the existing socket space with this letterbox-style, in-desk horizontal power dock. This unit is the ideal answer for any home or office that needs a quick and easy power source.

Give yourself more working space in the office with this horizontal letterbox-style dock. Conveniently place this on the desktop for a seamless power solution with an aluminium finish that looks especially stylish and adds an extra touch of quality for you to make the most of your workspace.

This unit has a short lead with a 3-pole GST connector, meaning the length of the power lead can be customised using a start lead. Each data cut-out lets the user see the unit's data, voice, HDMI, VGA, and audio options.

You may also terminate your data directly into the unit, which has a brush strip along the front, allowing you to fold it down even when it's in use, allowing the cables to come up through the desk and making your home or office more efficient and neat, solving all those messy power lead issues that plague your workspace. This power dock can dramatically increase the amount of work you can get done, and that means more money in your pocket!

This unit has full-length leads that give you complete control of the cable placement. Plus, it'll help you keep all your cables neat and tidy—and it's completely office-friendly too, so you can put it anywhere and start using it straight away.