Patch panels are commonly used in data centres to add and remove network gear.

Each network device has an RJ-45 port on one end and an RJ-45 or LC breakout cable on the other end. The patch cable carries the signal to the equipment that needs to be connected to the network.

Breakout boxes are used to connect several pieces of equipment together. Typically, breakout boxes are used to connect several computers or other network devices together.

They are often used to connect groups of network devices together. The key is that breakout boxes are used to connect groups of various network devices; they do not add or subtract any network ports.

A network cable is inserted into the box, known as a "cable breakout," which runs into the various devices. Cables can then be connected to devices using the ports on the box.

Cables are then pulled through to patch panels. Often, cables can be pulled through multiple patch and breakout boxes on the same network.

Our 19" (1U) adjustable rack mounting patch panels come loaded or empty and can patch up to 96 fibres (beige is also available). In any cabinet, these well-crafted panels look great.

All pre-loaded patch panels come equipped with bunny clips, cable glands, and a 12/24 position splice bridge. Four, eight, and sixteen-way Breakout Boxes are offered.