Surface Mount Air-Guard Grommet, Retro Fit

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  • Product Code: GTAG3
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Surface Mount Air-Guard Grommet, Retro Fit

Surface Mount Air-Guard Grommet, Retro Fit


The Air-Guard cable seal provides an easy, economical and effective solution to optimising thermal management of a data room plenum cooled raised floor system.

The Air-Guard surface mount is designed as a retro fit unit to cover existing floor panel cut outs.

The GTAG3 Air-Guard cable seal will cover an opening up to 200mm x 200mm.

Sealing around cable openings offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced air loss and increased under-floor static pressure
  • Improved cooling efficiencies and extended cooling equipment life
  • Dramatically reduced plant running costs. Over 50% of conditioned air does not get to the air intake of
  • data room equipment due to unsealed openings
  • Facilitates Cold / Hot aisle best practice
  • Seals cable openings to prevent under-floor contamination

Air-Guard Surface Mount:

  • Covers any shape up to 200mm x 200mm. Overall size 250mm x 250mm x 25mm
  • Overlapping brushes improves cable seal
  • Two piece assembly designed to retrofit around existing cables
  • Flame retardant heavy duty ABS construction with quality nylon 6 brush
  • Installation simple and inexpensive
  • Includes mounting hardware and adhesive application option
  • Air-Guard integrates with the Access Floor static dissipative system
  • RoHS compliant
  • Unit can be used as 2 no. perimeter seals to cover 2 no. 200mm x 100mm opening

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