0.5m Inter Lead

  • Brand: Adept
  • Product Code: INTER0.5G
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0.5m Inter Lead

When you need to improve accessibility and make your gadgets fit your space, this cable is perfect. This 0.5 meter cable allows you to interconnect power leads to provide you with some extra length to place your electronic items exactly where you want them in your interior. They’re also ideal for short-term use as they’re simple to connect when you need to set up tech further away than usual for occasional use. 

The male to female connections means it’s minimal hassle to use this cable when you’re connecting two products with different ports and suit a range of common household electronics. Leads can take a lot of use in homes, but this product is designed to be robust and withstand typical wear and tear. It’s made from high quality materials, minimising the risk of the lead splitting or underperforming even when it’s been used over a long period of time


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