0.5m Shielded Moulded Booted Cat.5e Patch Lead

  • Brand: Adept
  • Product Code: EUT700
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0.5m Shielded Moulded Booted Cat.5e Patch Lead

Our standard conductor four pair FTP booted patch leads are moulded to provide you with the ultimate reliability. You won’t have to worry about these cables splitting or losing performance when they’re in use, they’re designed to live up to daily use. The booted element ensures that the connection element remains optimised for use too, even when it needs to be plugged in at an angle. The flexibility and shielded design of these patch leads make them ideal for a range of uses. 

The 0.5 meter length of the cable makes it effortless to work around your existing layout without having to move furniture around. However, if you do require a longer length, we’re able to meet your needs upon request. Available in two colours, with matching strain relief boots, you can better manage your cables too without compromising on quality, durability or performance when it’s plugged into your devices.


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