1.5kVA UPS

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1.5kVA UPS

When your operations demand power this UPS is a cut above competitors. Thanks to its up-rated 0.9 output power factor, this UPS puts out significantly more power and boasts a range of key applications. It delivers 28% more usable power and its overall efficiency means its resilient, ensuring it provides you with reliable, long-lasting use that lives up your expectations. Whether you’re using it as part of telephone systems, to support security, or to run servers and networks, this UPS promises to deliver.

The compact design means it can effortlessly fit into your current set up without compromising on any of the key features you would expect from a UPS solution. It takes only 2U of rack space and includes batteries for standard runtime for your added convenience and ease of use. It’s an affordable, reliable, and adaptable solution when you have need of a single-phase UPS solution that you know you can depend on.


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