1.5m Moulded Cat.6 Patch Lead

  • Brand: Adept
  • Product Code: ERT601.5
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1.5m Moulded Cat.6 Patch Lead

If you need a standard Ethernet cable, this is the ideal option for you. It integrates seamlessly into both new and existing systems thanks to its backwards compatibility to work with both category 5/5e and category 3 cable standards, ensuring you won’t need to invest in additional equipment when the cable is installed. When compared to previous categories, the category 6 patch leads offer guaranteed superior standards as it needs to make more stringent specifications, covering crosstalk and system noise. 

Available in a range of colours and lengths, you can select the one that fits into your ideal setup without worrying about limitations, trailing wires, or poor cable management solutions. Constructed with 24AWG cable, this patch lead is compatible with 10BaseT, 100BaseT, and 1000BaseT, and is moulded, giving it additional durability and strength, while achieving consistent, reliable performance levels of up to 250MHz. 


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