1.8m TV Cable with Female-Female Coupler

  • Brand: Adept
  • Product Code: 2TV-01
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1.8m TV Cable with Female-Female Coupler

This TV cable and coupler is designed to provide you with the ultimate flexibility to create a set-up that matches your needs exactly, without compromising on quality or performance. The substantial 1.8 meter cable ensures that you don’t need to worry about reaching your destination, features male to male connectors. The additional female to female coupler provides you with more choice to connect a range of devices.

Quality underpins all the elements of both the cable and the coupler. All contact points are gold flash, delivering a connection that is higher in quality and reducing the risk of corrosion occurring to lengthen the life cycle of the product. The moulded cable has been designed with materials chosen to reduce the risk of splitting or damage occurring through regular use and ensure that optimal performance is continuously achieved, so your TV viewing isn’t disrupted.


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