10/100 Mbps SC Fibre Converter

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10/100 Mbps SC Fibre Converter

When you need to convert mbps media, this converter can help. It takes 10 or 100 mbps copper TX and can convert it to 100 mbps SC fibre with little fuss. It supports 4096 MAC address entries, with auto learning and ageing, giving you further flexibility when you’re using the converter. It’s been designed to either work as a standalone converter or to be slotted into a converter chassis to suit the demands of your project and desired outcomes.

Built-in smart link error detection technology and the auto-negotiation speed, which allows you to set half or full duplex mode ensures that the converter runs smoothly and consistently delivers optimal performance. The addition of a TX port also allows you to effortlessly support auto MDI/MDI-X crossover. The exterior menta casing also provides additional protection and increases the converter’s durability, while the external power supply makes it even easier to install and use once in place.

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