10 Way IEC C19 Vertical PDU

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10 Way IEC C19 Vertical PDU

The modern office is always in need of a reliable power source that can accommodate a multitude of devices and keep everything powered with simplicity and ease. The 10 Way IEC C19 Vertical PDU, provided by PowerData Tech and available here at Adept Networks, is the ideal addition to any networking cabinet solutions and throughout the years has proven to be one of the most popular products used to suit all office power requirements.

The C19 is world renowned for being the international standard for power distribution units and is trusted to deliver a higher output than the IEC C13, meaning that this product is the one to consider when thinking about what power accessories to complete your office that will give you peace of mind and can provide power for up to ten different devices without risking overheating or failure. 

Many uninterrupted power supplies are compatible with the C19 output, which means that you will never be at a loss for finding an appropriate connection to power your devices. Furthermore, the IEC C19 PDUs come with IEC C20 plugs as standard. 

Additionally, it is also available in a variety of plug options which include C20, 16A commando and 32A commando plugs. This variety is ideal for ensuring that you can find the right plug socket solution for you and ensures that the vertical PDU can be used by anyone, anywhere. 

To prevent potential loss of power due to negligence, the PDU is also fitted with a switch cover to avoid accidental turning off of the PDU and saving your information and hard work from sudden, unexpected loss. The 10 Way IEC C19 Vertical PDU is the ideal addition for any office where multiple power outlets are required and can provide better results for longer.

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