10 Way Vertical Filtered PDU

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10 Way Vertical Filtered PDU

10 Way Vertical Filtered PDU

An extensive range of professional grade power distribution units designed specifically for the 19" electronic enclosure markets.

These units feature an on-board protection system to guard against surges, spikes and other mains borne transients. Suitable for high system exposure levels for location categories A & B (6kV 3kA) and medium system exposure level, location category C (BS6651:1992 appendix C). Mains surge protection 6.5kA peak current.

Offered with a comprehensive range of socket choice to suit wall mounting or floor standing cabinets.

  • Robust all aluminium housing
  • BS1363 sockets angled for optimum cable dressing on vertical mount units
  • Illuminated & fully shrouded switch
  • 6.5kA surge protection
  • External earth facility
  • 3 metre input lead terminated with a BS1363 plug fused at 13A
  • Access, Excel and TF wall box compatible
  • 2u of rack space is required for horizontal units
  • Unit overall rating 13A, 250V

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