10 Way Vertical IEC PDU, 3m lead

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10 Way Vertical IEC PDU, 3m lead

Having extra power solutions in the office or at home is vital to ensuring that you are able to keep as many devices as you need charged and powered without running the risk of losing information. The 10 Way Vertical IEC PDU with a 3 metre lead, from PowerData Tech, can make your power distribution issues something to forget about through its robust aluminium design, multiple socket options and durable, efficient power cable. 

The PDU works perfectly whether you want to position it freestanding, use a wall box or even with wall brackets. No matter how you choose to store the 10 Way Vertical IEC PDU, you can rest assured that it will stay secure and not intrude on the office or home aesthetic. The 3m lead ensures simple and effective connections to mains power sources, with a BS1363 plug fused at 13A as standard, and will reduce the risk of tripping or cluttering the workplace with too many cables. 

Available with 13A plug as well as IEC C14 or IEC C20, as well as with the 16A plug meaning that you can find the right PDU solution for you no matter what your needs.  

For extra reliability, the product comes equipped with a switch cover, you never need to worry about accidental turning off and have peace of mind that you can use the PDU without issues. This is further guaranteed with an illuminated switch so you can quick and easily tell if it is on and operational. 

Finding the ideal PDU for your office has never been easier, and the 10 Way Vertical IEC PDU adheres to international standards and is the perfect solution, available here at Adept Networks.

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