10 Way Vertical UK PDU, 3m Lead

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10 Way Vertical UK PDU, 3m Lead

In an office or home environment where continuous, reliable power supplies are a must, you want to ensure that you have the best products to suit your needs. To achieve this, you need to identify the best power accessories for you that guarantees a durable and versatile design that will provide the most effective results every time. 

The 10 Way Vertical UK PDU, designed by PowerData Tech and available from Adept Networks, is the ideal solution to your power distribution unit requirements. Boasting a robust aluminium housing and complete with a sturdy and strong 3m cable to eliminate wire fraying and lack of connectivity, the power bank is perfect for both office and home energy needs.

Additionally, for extra reliability, it is fitted with a fully illuminated switch to ensure you always know if it is operational as well as the switch cover to eliminate the potential for accidental removal of power that could harm your productivity. 

Designed to fit UK plugs, angled for optimum cable dressing for either vertical mounting, freestanding or wall boxing, you will never find yourself without space for available power sockets which guarantees consistent and unwavering productivity and work. The 3 metre input lead is terminated with a BS1363 plug, fused at standard 13A, 250V, but can also be available with C14, C20, 16A or 32A connector; this demonstrates a versatility that is not present in other PDUs. 

PowerData Tech’s 10 Way Vertical UK PDU is the ideal addition to any office that can provide a multitude of power options in an unassuming and stylish way that will remain operational throughout all purposes.

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