100 Pair CW1128 External Grade Cable

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100 Pair CW1128 External Grade Cable

Ensuring that the office and home has the most reliable and consistent connectivity is a must for any modern communications base. Finding yourself or your colleagues unable to communicate with both you and each other can have disastrous effects on productivity and result in missing out on important information as well as wasting precious time that could be easily avoided. To prevent this, it is essential that you invest in only the best quality cables that will provide you with the most reliable and consistent connection all day, every day. 

The 100 Pair CW1128 External Grade Cable, designed by Excel and available from Adept, is the ideal solution to any and all connectivity requirements. This range of cables is made up from 0.5 mm conductors of solid plain copper and insulated with cellular (foamed) polyethylene which guarantees durability despite how much it might be used and is entirely moisture and UV resistant. 

To craft the most effective product possible, Excel uses conductors that are twisted into pairs which are then laid into units and identified by coloured tapes. By doing this, you can ensure that there will be no confusion regarding the purpose of the wires and make for fast and straightforward installation. 

By ensuring crystal clear communication between everybody at the office, you will never waste time in trying to decipher unreliable sounds and will ensure consistent productivity throughout the day. Manufactured in accordance with BT type CW1128, you can rest assured that you will not encounter any problems typically associated with communication cables and relish in the  perfect clarity of your discussions with a product that is up to standard.

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