100 Pair CW1308b Internal/External Grade Cable

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100 Pair CW1308b Internal/External Grade Cable

Perfect connectivity is crucial for any productive office environment and so ensuring that you have the most reliable products to help you achieve your communication requirements is a must. Without it, you run the risk of failing to maintain high standards, miss out on important details, and waste time around the office by chasing up information that could have been easily communicated over the phone for increased efficiency.

The 100 Pair CW1308b Internal / External Grade Cable, designed and produced by Excel and available from Adept Networks, is the perfect solution to your cable needs. This range of multipair telephone cables is constructed in accordance with similar telephone cables such as the Standard CW1308, but have the added benefit of being suitable for both Internal and External use. 

Its construction and design allows for fast and straightforward installation and is provided with a black Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) outer sheath for enhanced protection from potential weather or third-party damage. This guarantees that the product will remain safe and protected against all kinds of external influences and is guaranteed to continue to be perfectly operational. 

This guarantee is further enhanced by the products specifications for additional reliability stated as 0.5mm conductor size which can be further contained with PVC insulation that adheres to BS 6746 along with an integral 1/1.38mm Earth conductor.
To ensure that you have only the most reliable and durable cables for your telephone communications, invest in the 100 Pair CW1308b Internal / External Grade Cable and reap the benefits of clear and consistent discussions whenever you need.

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