1000mm Wire Basket

  • Brand: ABL
  • Product Code: WB1000-S
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1000mm Wire Basket

Proper storage options are essential for any office or home area to ensure a clutter-free environment that also allows for quick and simple accessibility without needing to search through an endless cupboard or cabinet drawers in search of what is needed. Having a space to contain all of your wires, PDUs, and additional home and office supplies will make your organisation simple, stylish and effective. 

The 1000mm Wire Basket designed by ABL and provided by Adept is the perfect solution for all of your office and home storage needs. The product is designed with a bright finish that is available in various cut lengths to suit whatever your individual needs depending on available space. With its stylish design, it will suit any and all office and home decors and fit seamlessly without distracting or looking out of place but always providing the best storage solution. 

With the ends finished with attractive silver coloured embellishers to allow for quick and convenient access at a depth of 55mm, you will always be able to locate and retrieve whatever you need with ease. The wire basket is also provided with plastic fixings to allow full access on either side without risking scraping, catching jewellery or shirt sleeves. You can also fix the product in the corner and still have immediate access to whatever accessories are needed. 

The product is supplied with self-drilling screws that complement wall fixings meaning it can be attached anywhere on the wall. Its compact size also means you can attach multiple products above or below each other for extra storage possibilities without cluttering the workspace. 

The height from the underside of the desk to top of the basket when installed is 47mm, while the height from underside of the desk to the base of the basket is 107mm

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