1000VA/600W UPS (internal 7Ah)

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1000VA/600W UPS (internal 7Ah)

As much as you can try to keep everything operational within the office, there is always the unexpected issues that could strike at the worse time and have disastrous ramifications on the workday. To prevent this, you need to invest in the proper backup power supplies to keep everything working even if the main power suddenly fails. The solution to this is the 1000VA/600W UPS from Borri and provided by Adept. 

Part of the CertUPS C60 range, the 1000VA/600W is one of the most practical and compact UPS solutions available and is the perfect way to provide smaller backup power for CCTV, EPOS, small office hardware, security systems and PC workstation in the event of external power failure. 

Compatible with most operating systems, its smart monitoring software allows for safe shutdown should the power failure continue and then is restarted when the power is restored to ensure you do not miss out on a single minute of vital work. This means that the 1000VA/600W UPS is the most effective way to ensure that all of your data and hard work does not get lost in event of unexpected power failure.

The product also boasts a smart LCD display to keep up to date on both battery life and input along with USB connectivity, inbuilt protection for modem and telephone and a cold start feature. To prevent surging, there are separate IEC power outlets which increases resilience and durability along with an automatic voltage regulator. 

With dimensions specified at 146x350x160mm, the product is perfect for compact and smart placement anywhere in the office that will also not interfere or cause an obstruction when in use. 


Modular No
Technology Line Interactive
Run Time Extendable No
Notifications No
Format Desktop
Size kVA 1kV-2kVA
Supply Type 1/1
Installation Plug & Play
Backup Time 2-4 mins
Power (VA) Max 800-2000
Input Voltage 220-240 VAC


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