102mm Circular Cable Grommet Black or Grey

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102mm Circular Cable Grommet Black or Grey

Having rogue wires and cables hanging around desks can get frustrating, be unsightly and generally provide an air of unprofessionalism around the office or home work space. Most of the time, they will get in the way of your work and lead to potential safety issues with the risk of tripping, tangling or trapping under chairs that could cause damage to the cable itself and interfere with work.

The solution to this is the 102mm Circular Grommet, designed and provided by Adept, which can fit comfortably into any precut office or home desk. The product comes with an adjustable cable opening to fit everything from sturdy computer cables to sleeker phone charger wires or even both to provide the most effective cable storage and keep your workspace tidy. 

Its high strength construction along with flame retardant specification ensures that the product is built to last and will not suffer wear and tear and remain robust and durable throughout years of use. For added convenience, the desk grommet allows for fast and easy installation so you can get back to your tasks as quickly as possible safe in the knowledge that your cables are securely out of harm’s way. 

In addition to the standard product, other sizes are available to order so simply get in touch with Adept to discover your options. The product is also available in both black and grey to suit office or home decor, and is the the ideal solution to cable and wire placement in a way that is both safe and reliable.

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