108A Dual Distribution Frame (1380 Pair)

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108A Dual Distribution Frame (1380 Pair)

Cable management is essential in an office with multiple workstations and cables for both computers and telephones. Without it, you run the risk of clutter, safety concerns and general confusion and a lack of organisation which can easily cause a loss in efficiency and disrupt the work day.

The 108A Dual Distribution Frame by Excel and provided by Adept is the ideal solution to all of your cable management needs. The product has the capacity to for up to 1380 pairs when using 10 pair termination strip so you will never be wanting for cable space and can keep everything secure and organised in one place. 

With its flexible design, the product is able to be fitted anywhere in the office and allows for mounting frames on the floor with or without the supplied legs, whichever works best for your office decor and design. You can also fit the frame on the wall or back to back with another if you need more than one frame to house all of your cables, while still reliably keeping all cables arranged to your specifications.

Boasting a steel frame, the product is robust and durable to withstand long usage and stands at 2006mm with a width of 570mm and depth of 150mm, meaning it can fit easily in any office while still having the space to house as many cables as necessary. 

Investing in the perfect cable distribution frame has never been more straightforward and choosing the 108A Dual Distributor can revolutionise any office cable management and keep your cables organised and secure for fast identification and simple replacements when required. 

Model: Free standing distributor
Number of mountable connection strips: 138
Material: Steel
Height: 2006 mm
Width: 570 mm
Depth: 150 mm
LSA: Yes (237A required)
With connecting lugs: yes

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