10kVA C500 Series UPS

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10kVA C500 Series UPS

Designed to provide a reliable emergency power supply, from system failures, electrical problems or power cuts, the C500 series uses a powerful battery system to retain power so you can safely shut down systems and computers without losing your work or risking damage to devices.

The 10kVA C500 Series UPS is a compact UPS system that can be used within various industries. Its size makes it easy to transport and fit into small spaces, which makes it a particularly good choice of installation for hospitals, schools and IT departments.

The power supply of all products in the C500 series offer up to 25% more usable power than comparable products. They also have the Online Double Conversion system which gives it the highest level of protection against power interruptions, so you won’t have to worry about the consequences of an unforeseen power shortage.

When you purchase the C500, you are getting a machine that is both powerful and practical. The batteries are included with the machine and are internal, so you don’t need to worry about external battery packs cluttering up your floor space. This also means that the product is more efficient, using less energy and reducing your carbon footprint while still providing an excellent and reliable power supply.

Easy to set up, use and maintain, each item in the C500 series is designed to work in parallel with one another. You can have up to four units connected up to give you a stronger power supply and accommodate developments in your workplace in the future.


Power (kW) Max per UPS 5.4kW - 9kW
Format Floor Standing
Technology Online
Run Time Extendable Yes
Installation Installation Required
Modular No
Scalable Parallel
Supply Type 1/1
Input Voltage 220-240 VAC

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