20kVA C500E Series UPS

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20kVA C500E Series UPS

The Certa C500E 10kVA UPS (configured input/output 3/1 or 1/1) is a high efficiency on-line double-conversion uninterruptible power supply with a 8 minute internal battery and an excellent 0.9 output power factor.


Online double conversion
Suitable for industry applications where space is limited, in particular withing medical and IT environments.
Designed using the highest level of protection (Online Double Conversion), the CertaUPS C500E tower series delivers up to 25% more usable power than other manufacturers thanks to a 0.9 output power factor.
This range is extremely low maintenance and has been designed as a genuine ‘easy parallel’ UPS solution, where up to four C500E units can be connected in parallel as and when required. This added flexibility to enable further capacity or redundancy, makes the new C500E range a true future proof investment.
The CertaUPS C500E series can have either a three phase or single phase input applied to the UPS. The decision doesn’t have to be made until the point of installation and can then be changed should an electrical supply need to be upgraded or electrical loads have to be balanced.


Installation cost is not included in the price.


Format                                   Floor Standing

Size kVA                                10kVA-20kVA

Scalable                                Parallel

Run Time Extendable            Yes

Installation                             Installation Required

Modular                                 No

Technology                           Online

Supply Type                         1/1 & 3/1

Power (kW) Max per UPS    5.4kW - 18kW

Input Voltage                        220/330

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