10m Coaxial Cable, F Connector

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10m Coaxial Cable, F Connector

Whether used commercially or in domestic environments, our 10m Coaxial Cable with F Connector is a high-quality addition to your networking needs. Designed primarily for use when connecting satellite systems and cable modems, it can also be used for a range of different purposes to suit your needs.

This F-Connector boasts a male connecting part suitable for linking up with your existing female cable. The entire coax has a matt black outer plastic sheath which provides suitable protection for the internal wiring. This construction choice ensures that the cable is able to perform at an optimal level during every single use. In turn, the connectors have been crafted from a gold material - giving it a strong resistance against corrosion and helping to deliver reliable current strengths at all times. This reduces the risk of disrupted connections - ideal in professional or fast-paced environments.

The cable also boasts a stress relief boot, reducing the risk of external damage due to repeated wear and minimising the likelihood of tearing. Additionally, you will notice a cable strength to be admired, even in environments where machines are plugged in and unplugged numerous times a day. Over time, design choices such as these will ensure your businesses replenishment budget is kept as low as possible.

No matter your business or home requirements, Adept Networks is sure to have the right product for you. We offer high-quality and professional level cables and connectors to see your wiring needs dealt with smoothly and efficiently.

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