10m RJ11 ADSL Modem Lead

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10m RJ11 ADSL Modem Lead

This 10m RJ11 ADSL Modem Lead can be used to connect any ADSL Modem, with the relevant socket, to a Filter/Splitter plugged into your wall. It has a simple to use design that simply slots into the relevant connection and allows information to flow easily and quickly.

The stranded copper cored cable is a powerful choice, with the ability to extend any connection between the Splitter/Filter and your modem without the risk of signal loss. This makes it ideal for commercial environments or those where information needs to spread across floors or larger office spaces. As protection, a durable white plastic casing reduces the risk of injury caused by repeated use and allows it to be twisted around other wires if required in smaller locations.

We are able to provide these Modem Leads in bulk quantities - should your business require them - and can provide quotations both with or without VAT to suit your auditing requirements. In addition, our leads are a practical choice for individual customers and those looking to improve internet connections in their home or personal office space.

Adept Networks specialise in providing a complete networking system for your business and one that runs in accordance with your professional requirements. Our large product range of high-quality stock focuses on providing industry-leading items to every single customer at prices that work within your budget. Contact us today for advice and tips on how to get the most out of your modem lead.

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