10m SVGA M - M Cable with In-Built 3.5mm Audio - Black

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10m SVGA M - M Cable with In-Built 3.5mm Audio - Black

Appreciate the full quality of your speakers with this 10m SVGA M-M Cable with In-Built 3.5mm Audio. If you're seeking high-quality performance from your connections, this durable cable is the ideal option. It is suitable for linking up audio units to monitors with built-in speakers or workspaces where speakers are situated in close proximity to the screen.

This wire features SVGA male connectors with a nickel plating. The Copper SVGA core is strong and long lasting - suitable for rigorous use and specifically, that found within corporate environments. It has a black plastic casing which provides protection against damage and minimises the full-effect of wear and tear over time. In addition, the 10-meter length allows it to stretch over extended distances with minimal loss in performance or power.

As part of our complete networking solutions, this cable works to provide the best audio experience to every single customer. It can be used for a number of different purposes, including with any equipment that requires an SVGA + 3.5mm stereo cable to work effectively.

Adept Networks are an experienced supplier of high-quality cables, wires and leads for commercial and domestic networks. We have a host of experience in devising helpful solutions to your networking problems as well as providing a selection of quality products in our online store. Contact us today for more information on this audio cable or any of the other products available here today.

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