110 Adjustable Impact Punch Down Tool

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110 Adjustable Impact Punch Down Tool

The 110 Adjustable Impact Punch Down Tool is suitable for cutting down wires to suit your needs. It is a handy tool to have for all networking professionals and ensures the most suitable connection in your workplace. The compact design has been constructed to allow it to be stored easily, in drawers or along with other network repair resources. And a reversible blade helps to minimise wear and extend the punch down tool's lifespan.

It has an adjustable pressure function which can be operated by twisting the handle end to either the 'H' or 'L' logo. This dictates the strength at which the device punctures down into the wire. For cutting, it will punch down first and then produce a swift cut. Used specifically during telecommunication or network installation, it actively punches a wire into place using an impact action. At the highest pressure, this tool will exert 15 ± 2Kg. At it's lower pressure, it will exert 10 ± 2Kg. Choose according to your needs and ensure network repairs are performed swiftly and without a problem every single time. The tool also has a built-in storage compartment within the handle for storing the blade when not in use.

We have a wide selection of networking resources available in our online shop here at Adept Networking. If you have any questions regarding this 110 Adjustable Impact Punch Down Tool, contact us today. We strive to bring you the best products, with the right information and all for the very best price.

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