12 Port ST Loaded Singlemode Patch Panel

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12 Port ST Loaded Singlemode Patch Panel

12 Port ST Loaded Singlemode Patch Panels can be used for both direct termination or the splicing up of fibres. With up to 24 adaptors on each panel, they take up 1u of rack space and form a significant role in your cable management system. When appropriately installed, each one helps to ensure strong connections and swifter repair jobs, when required.

Our new range of patch panels come in a sliding door tray-style housing. Manufactured out of high-quality 2mm thick steel, they are individually finished in black powder-coated paint. This design ensures you receive a strong and durable unit that lasts. For easy use, port identification numbers are clearly marked on the front, identifying the specified number of simpler adaptors in a left-to-right layout. This frontal fascia also plays host to the release latch needed to operate the sliding drawer.

Colour-coded dust caps are included as standard with black used to indicate multimode and red to indicate singlemode. We ensure our patch panels are easy and simple to use. Each simplex adaptor accommodates one terminated fibre - ideal for the quick identification of faults or issues. Our panels are supplied as part of a kit along with adjustable fixing arms for swift installation. In addition, you will receive cable entry glands, cable ties and a 24-way splice.

If you have any questions about our ST patch panels, contact the friendly and experienced team here at Adept Network. We'll always aim to find you the best solution at the most budget-conscious prices.

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