1200mm Wire Basket

  • Brand: ABL
  • Product Code: WB1200-S
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1200mm Wire Basket

Vital to the safe and continuous function of your cable system, shop our 1200mm Wire Basket online here today. Available in various cut lengths to fit your needs, this high-quality and durable tool allows your electronic systems to cool effectively. Overheated machinery can cause significant problems for residential and corporate environments, setting of delays and repair issues that hinder productivity. Implementing the right tools early on will help to minimise this and maintain a smoothly operating service.

This lightweight but durable basket has been finished with a modern silver-tone across the entire body. It also comes supplied with matching plastic fixings that blend into the body and allows your cable system to remain organised and sleek at all times. The tailored design allows for full access to one side, ensuring smaller repairs and alterations can be made without full disruption. For convenience, it is also supplied with self-drilling screws.

Understanding the importance of your cable system is vital in many environments. The right system allows you to maintain the entire programme quickly and effectively. Items such as our wire basket are designed to do just that - giving you quick access to wires and connections whenever you need them. And, should external support be required, they allow those less familiar with your setup to navigate freely without causing additional harm. This wire basket has a standard width of 100mm and depth of 55mm. The height from the underside-to-top when installed is 47mm and from underside-to-base is 107mm.

If you have any further questions about our 1200mm wire basket, contact the experienced team here at Adept Networks.

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