12U 390mm Deep Wall Boxes

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  • Product Code: WB12400
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12U 390mm Deep Wall Boxes

Manufactured to protect electrical connections, our 12U 390mm Deep Wall Boxes have recently been redesigned to fit your needs. This refreshed look offers users even better value for money, improves access and makes for an easier installation process. We have also provided a range of additional colours, allowing you to tailor your cable system accordingly to fit every individual need.

Offering ample storage space, each one has a depth of 390mm. This, combined with a height of 635mm and width of 600mm gives the space required for larger organisations to properly organise and protect all connections. Each box has a quick release front door, made using a simple spring-loaded pin and creating a clean, uniformed look when shut. Lockable and removable side panels are fixed using simple slam latch handles and offer additional access to specific areas of your organisation. We have also included 2 sets of adjustable 19"" profiles which allow for the easy installation of various products, shelves and power distribution units.

We provide these deep wall boxes in a selection of colours to suit your needs. They are an effective way of organising complex cable structures into one space. Therefore, when it comes to repairs or adjustments, these can be done in a confined space without the risk of further damage to the system around you. If you have any questions about our 12U 390mm Deep Wall Boxes, contact the experienced team here at Adept Network. We'll help you find the right solution for your needs and deliver it at a cost-effective price too.

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