12U 500mm Deep Wall Boxes

  • Brand: Excel
  • Product Code: WB12500
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12U 500mm Deep Wall Boxes

Recently redesigned for heightened service, our 12U 500mm Deep Wall Boxes is an effective addition to your cable system. Each one has been adapted to provide better value for money, improved access and quicker installation. In doing so, we hope to support the cable organisation needs of your business and help you create a system that works effectively at all levels.

As part of the Excel range, these 19"" boxes now come in heights of 6U through to 21U. In reference to depth, we provide options between 390mm and 500mm deep, giving you the space needed for clear and concise organisation. Each one benefits from a quick release front door which is fixed using a simple spring-loaded pin. When it comes to replacement, repairs or adjustments, this provides direct access while offering a secure storage area for everyday use. Lockable and removable side panels also work to improve access, using simple slam latch handles. Another key feature included in the new design is two sets of adjustable 19"" profiles. These allow for swift and easy installation of a variety of products, shelves and power distributions to suit your needs. All of these new additions allow us to provide deep wall boxes that meet the needs of busy corporate and residential environments.

If you have any questions about these 12U 500mm Deep Wall Boxes, contact the experienced team here at Adept Networks. We'll support you in finding the right tools and organisational products to fit your needs.

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