12U Cable Tray

  • Brand: Prism
  • Product Code: CT12150 & CT12300
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12U Cable Tray

Our 12U Cable Tray is an effective and proven way to organise your cable system. Regardless of size or requirements, it fits in easily with any existing setup or can be used to develop a new organisational system that works at optimal capacity. For ease, we can provide them in a range of different heights, depending on your needs.

These trays are manufactured from lightweight but hard wearing metal. A powder coating finish provides protection from repeated use while minimising the risk of rust or damage over time. They are the ideal choice for PI data cabinets, PI server cabinets, wall cabinets and High-Density Packing Frames (also known as HDPF). The long rectangular height boasts numerous slips at horizontal and vertical angles through which can be threaded cables. It holds your entire system in place, allowing adjustments and repairs to be made easily and with minimal disruption.

In our online store, you will find our cable trays available to order in both 150mm and 300mm widths. For additional enquiries, please feel free to contact the team here at Adept Networks. We work to bring you the best products, including these from recognised brand Prism. All of our online cable organisation tools are available at cost-effective prices to suit your budget and use durable materials for longevity. Get in touch today and let our experienced engineers find the right system for you to maintain strong connections, minimise overheating and bring structure to this area of your business.

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