12U PI Data Cabinets

  • Brand: Prism
  • Product Code: CAB1266 & CAB1268
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12U PI Data Cabinets

Our 12U PI Data Cabinets are one of the best selling items here at Adept Network. They provide a safe and secure home for your cable organisation needs. Each one has been designed to meet the all-round standard requirements of data installation with the versatility to suit every corporation.

Featuring mesh front and rear doors, your system can be easily accessed and locked away, depending on your needs. The slam-latch lock gives security during use while two vented lockable side panels minimise the risk of overheating. Our design also includes a vented top cover to further improve air circulation throughout the cabinet. The cabinet comes, as standard, with four 19"" adjustable mounting profiles to assist with installation. These sit alongside the 4 transport castors which makes manoeuvring the entire body into place considerably easier.

We provide this data cabinet in flat pack formation. Store to one side until required or built instantly using the instructions provided. It can be purchased in either a graphite grey or black, depending on your needs. And, we also provide all accessories as standard including plinths and cable trays. Our 12U PI Data Cabinets are a value-for-money choice in both large and small scale corporate environments. They can be made in either 600x600 or 600x800 to suit your needs. You can also find cabinet options available for 18U, 27U, 39U, 42U and 45U in our online store.

If you have any further questions regarding these cabinets, contact the friendly team here at Adept Networks today.

Weights and Dimensions:

12U 600x600:
Width - 600mm
Depth - 600mm
Height - 720mm
Weight - 40kg

12U 600x800:
Width- 600mm
Depth - 800mm
Height - 720mm
​Weight - 45kg

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