1400mm Wire Basket

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1400mm Wire Basket

Improving ventilation from all angles, including our 1400mm Wire Basket in your cable organisation today. Overheating can have a detrimental impact on your electrical connections, causing them to slow or cut out entirely. The right system will allow for optimal airflow and ventilation from every side - giving your cables the chance to breathe easily. This is how our wire basket works.

Manufactured from a durable but lightweight metal, it has been given a polished finish to fit your needs. All of the plastic fittings have also been finished to match, in a popular silver tone. For versatility, this basket is easy and quick to install. Using the self-drilling screws, it can be fitted on walls or temporary cabinets to provide a home for all manner of connections. The long 1400mm body is easily incorporated into your existing design, providing ample space for a higher quantity of cables at any given time.

Our standard wire baskets have a width of 100mm and a depth of 55mm. From the underside of a desk to the top of the basket, they measure 47mm. From the underside of the desk to the base of the basket when installed, they measure 107mm. We provide each one with all relevant installation accessories, allowing you to improve your system straight away.

If you have any questions or queries around our 1400mm Wire Basket, get in touch today. Our expert team here at Adept Network will help you find the right solution for your needs.

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