15 Way Female Compact Gender Changers

  • Brand: Newlink
  • Product Code: AD112
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15 Way Female Compact Gender Changers

Suitable for both domestic and commercial environments, shop our 15 Way Female Compact Gender Changers online today. Each one has been manufactured with a compact design and using high-quality materials throughout. Our D-type changers are used to join together 2 cables that have the same gender connectors. Alternatively, they can be used to change the gender of any cable at one end, providing further versatility to your wiring set up.

Our new and improved design has a low profile body. Designed to save space, they are an ideal addition to your existing setup, allowing you to optimise on your available resources. They have a 15-pin female-to-female adaptor design that is easy to fit and quick to use. In addition, each one boasts a D15 high density combined with having all pins connected. The slimline solutions have a total voltage rate of 300v and an amp rating of 5A. Whether you're looking to improve overall connections or create a new wire set-up that works more efficiently for your business, they are a practical tool to have on hand. These changers are manufactured by the leading brand, Newlink, and can be purchased either individually or in bulk.

Adept Networks are a leading supplier in networking equipment products for both LAN and WAN markets. We work hard to bring together a wide and comprehensive range of items that befit all environments seamlessly. If you have any questions about these 15 Way Female Compact Gender Changers, get in touch with the experienced and friendly team here today.

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