15 Way Male Compact Gender Changers

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15 Way Male Compact Gender Changers

A standard feature in all electricians kits, shop our 15 Way Male Compact Gender Changers online today. Manufactured in-house in order to maintain quality and durability, these small devices can be used to join together two cables with the same gender connection. This expands the potential use of your existing cables and helps you to create electrical organisational systems that fit within any residential or commercial environment. In addition, we keep our prices low to fit your budget requirements without compromising on the suitability of each changer to its job.

Each of these gender changers has a low profile, slimline design. Chosen to help save space, they are ideal for smaller environments or those demanding a lot from limited areas. They can similarly be used to change the gender at one end of a cable to male, expanding their potential for use. Each one has a 15-pin design with a male-to-male adaptor. It has a high-density rating of D15 and comes with all pins connected for convenience. In total, our gender changers can provide a maximum voltage rating of 300v and an Amp rating of 5A.

Here at Adept Network, we design and manufacture a wide range of accessories to improve your cable set-up. Our 15-way gender changers are a popular option for businesses large and small, recognised for their strength and versatility. If you have any questions about our 15 Way Male Compact Gender Changers, contact our experienced and talented team here today.

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