1500VA/900W UPS (internal 9Ah)

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1500VA/900W UPS (internal 9Ah)

The 1500VA/900W UPS (internal 9Ah) is one of the most practical and compact UPS solutions available on the market today. Using line interactive (VI) technology, it can be used to safely shut down an entire system in the event of extended power failure. This device is a popular option for smaller backup power requirements, specifically those raised by CCTV, EPOS, small office hardware, security systems, and PC workstations.

In the event of a power failure, the CertUPS C60 will automatically restart the system when power is restored. This helps to minimise downtime once issues have been established and repaired and enures your system can get back to full working order in no time at all. It has an inbuilt Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) and an intelligent monitoring system which automates the entire et-up. The smart LCD display provides all relevant information required, including that about potential power drops or surges. Another popular feature is the USB connectivity, allowing information to be pulled easily and transferred to external devices for analysis.

A separate IEC power outlet has been included to ensure surge suppression alongside an extended battery life to ensure smooth running. There is a cold start feature and both RJ11 and RJ45 filtering for connecting to telephone, modem and router lines. In total, this plug and play device has an input voltage of between 220 and 240 VAC and takes less than 4 minutes to back up. If you require more information about this or any of the products in our online store, contact the experienced team here today.

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