150mm Wide Cable Tray (Pair)

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150mm Wide Cable Tray (Pair)

Create an organised and well-ventilated cable organisational system with the help of our 150mm Wide Cable Tray (Pair). Provided in a set of 2, these handy trays are an ideal choice for professionals and amateurs alike. They offer a raised surface from which to place cables during storage and have been manufactured from a respected brand, Excel.

When it comes to creating a structured system to your cable wiring, trays are the perfect solution. They can be mounted on all Environ floor standing rack and have been cut with numerous vertical and horizontal slits. Thread cables through, loop them around to create suitable connections or drape them across - the versatility is just one of the reasons trays are such a popular choice. Here, we provide them in a range of different sizes and colours to suit your needs. Choose from either 150mm or 300mm - all of which have been manufactured and produced to fit within any budget. And, we carefully match the colours to suit all Environ racks on the market.

Here at Adept Network, we know how important it is to have access to high-quality and low-cost resources - especially in larger cable set-ups. We provide these cable trays in sets of 2. If you have any questions or queries about these trays, get in touch and our experienced team will be on hand to help guide you towards the right purchase for your personal or professional needs.

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