15m RJ11 ADSL Modem Lead

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15m RJ11 ADSL Modem Lead

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a type of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) broadband communications technology, which is used for connecting to the internet. The benefit of an ADSL modem lead is that you can send data over the existing copper telephone lines, which differs from traditional modem lines.

This particular 15-meter lead can connect your ADSL modem, which has an RJ11 socket, to the filter or splitter that is plugged into your wall socket. This modem lead is favoured, primarily due to its high-quality, durability and length. Measuring at approximately 15 meters, this lead will stretch from your ADSL modem to your wall socket with ease, regardless of where it is in your home.

This ADSL Modem lead has been made using a stranded copper cored cable which makes it ideal for extending the distance between your splitter of the filter and your ADSL modem or router with minimal signal loss.

Grab your own 15 meters Rj11 ADSL Modem Lead today and connect your modem to the filter or splitter with ease.

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