15U 600mm Deep Wall Boxes

  • Brand: Excel
  • Product Code: WB15600
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15U 600mm Deep Wall Boxes

The excel range of wall mounted 19” cabinets have been modified to offer users’ great value for money. These revamped wall boxes offer improved access, easy installation and an overall better build. These deep wall boxes are also available in different colours, so you can grab one that matches your aesthetic.

This 600mm deep wall box has a list of benefits, for example, it was made with security, strength and flexibility in mind. The quick-release feature on the front door and side panels gives you quick access to this deep wall box. Another benefit of this wall box is the fact that it has a cable entry cut in the top and the base of the box, which means that the cable can run through the box.

Once this deep wall box gets delivered it is quick and easy to install, however, we also have a downloaded instructions manual available if you need help. The two sets of adjustable 19” mounting profiles make installation of selves and power distribution easier.

This 15U deep wall box measures approximately 600mm (width) x 769mm (height) x 600mm (depth). This deep wall box is ideal for use across a variety of applications including cabling, local area networking and hardware.

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