169mm Circular Cable Grommet

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169mm Circular Cable Grommet

Circular Cable grommets is a ring in which an electrical cable can pass through. Typically, the grommet is inserted in holes in certain materials to help improve friction, protect and seal cables that are passing through it. These cable grommets help to prevent possible mechanical or chemical attacks.

Floor grommets are used as a conduit to interconnect the sub-floor to the office floor. Cables are able to travel through the floor grommet to a specified location.

Upon request, these cable grommets are available in standard grey or black. These circular cable grommets are fast and easy to install, and there are even adjustable cable openings. These circular cable grommets also feature a flame retardant specification.

The cut-out size of this circular cable grommet is approximately 127mm and the overall size is approximately 147mm.

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