18U 390mm Deep Wall Boxes

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18U 390mm Deep Wall Boxes

This 18u 390mm Deep Wall Box has been refreshed to offer you better value for money. It offers quicker and easier access, as well as, easier installation. This 18u deep wall box measures approximately 390mm deep, 600mm wide and 901mm high.

There is a cable entry cut out point in the top of this deep wall box, as well as on the bottom, which allows you to thread a cable through with ease.

To allow for ventilation, this deep wall box features an angled vented roof. On the back, you will find adjustable 19” mounting profiles, which means you can mount this deep wall box with ease. Adding to the features, you can see that this deep wall box is lockable, which means the contents will stay safe. There are also quick-release side panels, which allow for maximum access into the cabinet.

The front door features a quick-release function, and it can be fixed and released using a simple spring-loaded pin. This deep wall box also features the ability to install shelves and power distribution with ease.

For any more information about our 18u 390mm Deep Wall Box, you can freely contact a member of our Adept Networks team today. Our team is always happy to answer the questions you might have.

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