18U PI Data Cabinets

  • Brand: Prism
  • Product Code: CAB1866 & CAB1868
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18U PI Data Cabinets

This popular 18u PI Data Cabinet belongs to the original data cabinet range and is popular due to the fact that it meets the all-round standard requirements of data installation. It is also extremely popular because of the seemingly endless list of features it possesses.

In terms of the design, it has been created with ease of assembly, safety and security in mind. It is sturdy, durable and high-quality once it has been assembled. This cabinet can be assembled quickly and easily.

Other features of this data cabinet include a mesh front and rear doors for ventilation. There is also a slam-latch lock, two vented and lockable side panels as well as a vented top cover.

You don’t just get an 18u PI data cabinet with your purchase though, this set comes with plinths and cable trays.

For any more information about our 18u PI Data Cabinet, you can contact a member of our dedicated team today. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this product. There are also different colours available, so please call to see what options we have available.

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