2kVA C400R Rotation UPS

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2kVA C400R Rotation UPS

This 2kVA C400R Rotations UPS is a versatile, high power density UPS solution is ideal for IT facilities as well as the telecoms market. The design of this device makes it perfect for ergonomic racking or floor standing units.

Features of this 2kVA C400R Rotations Ups include high-efficiency up to 95%, pure sinewave output and even have an energy-saving mode for you to utilise.

There is also serial, USB, Modbus, Ethernet and relay connectivity, which is a must-have in today’s digital era. An additional feature includes a 2U convertible design, a clear and user-friendly display. The output factor rating is 0.9, has additional battery modules and even features intelligent monitoring software.

The design of this device aims to deliver maximum user flexibility through its sturdy and durable design. It is constructed from high-quality material and has an extensive list of features as well as benefits that come about from using this piece of technology This design makes it ideal for different server cabinets, specifically 2000VA and 3000VA configurations.

For any more information about our 2kVA C400R Rotations Ups, you can contact a member of our dedicated team today. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this product.

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