1m Inter Lead

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1m Inter Lead

Designed to connect in a number of settings, opt for our 1m Inter Lead. We design them in-house, allowing us to maintain high-quality and budget-friendly prices. Data network connections are vital in many applications, from commercial through to domestic. And, we understand the importance of keeping data secure, smooth and strong.

These interconnecting power leads feature a male and female connector. This allows you to create a daisy-chaining connection which promises reliability. They are regularly used to patch between products, specifically two products that feature Wieland* connectors. An example of this is when connecting 2 under-desk P-Pack products. No matter the application, our leads promise to offer durability and reliability. They are made using high-quality materials and tested to ensure longevity. Creating a strong network connection helps your business deliver sensitive information in a safe, swift and productive way. This supports your goals for growth and ensures those within your company can focus on the most important aspects of their working responsibilities.

Here at Adept Networks, we have a team of highly experienced, talented and hard-working individuals. They are on hand to support your needs, providing advice and recommendations to ensure you're able to make the right purchase decision. If you have any questions about our 1m Male to Female GST Wieland Inter Lead, please get in contact today.

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