1.5m Inter Lead

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1.5m Inter Lead

Creating strong connections in any data setup, the 1.5m Male to Female GST Wieland Inter Lead is a cost-effective solution for your needs. We make them in-house, using years of expertise and the highest quality materials throughout. Our goal is to deliver premium, hardwearing and durable networking equipment to every client, allowing your business to focus on growing and expanding to meet your goals.

These 1.5m Inter Lead have an ample length, ideal for working into the busiest of cable settings. They are designed for use in a daisy-chain like connection, allowing you to patch between various products. This is specifically beneficial when working across a wide expanse or in high-demand settings where numerous pieces of equipment are needed to progress. The specific connections found in these cables is ideal for use with products that feature Wieland connections. An example of this is when linking together two under-desk p-pack products. They are available to purchase in our online store, in a versatile black colour and in bulk to meet your requirements.

The team here at Adept Networks is highly experienced in data networking equipment and tools. We design and manufacture many of our products in-house to ensure you receive the best prices throughout. If you have any questions about the 1.5m Inter Lead, please get in contact with the team here today.

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