1m Moulded Category 5e Patch Leads – X-Over

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  • Product Code: XRT601
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1m Moulded Category 5e Patch Leads – X-Over

This 1 metre moulded category 5e patch lead features a twisted pair of high signal integrity cables that are referred to as Cat5e. Our particular moulded category 5e UTP patch lead has been manufactured to a high standard and has then been tested. All our patch leads are independently verified to make sure you are receiving a lead with enhanced performance capabilities.

Each of our patch leads comprises eight colour-coded stranded 24AWG conductors, that have been twisted together to create four different pairs.

These patch lead, x-over features anti-snagging latch protection and have been crafted to a high industry standard. Our 1 metre moulded patch lead is supplied as a grey patch lead that features black flush moulded strain relief boots, for added safety and performance.

We specialise in distributing network equipment products for the local area network and wide area network markets. If you have any questions about this patch lead, or you would like more information about any Adept Network products, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

Stay connected by buying a category 5e patch lead today.

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