2 Port SVGA Splitter

  • Brand: Newlink
  • Product Code: NLVGA-2A
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2 Port SVGA Splitter

2 Port SVGA Splitter

The Newlink Video Splitter is independent of software and other than cables and Monitors, no additional hardware is required, simply connect the unit to a computer via the VGA cable (molded to unit), connect the monitors and the power supply to the Video Splitter and watch as your video signal is duplicated on multiple monitors.

The Video Splitter duplicates and boosts the input signal to 2 VGA, SVGA, XGA, QXGA, UXGA or Multi-sync Monitors, with a signal bandwidth of 300 Mhz.


These Video Splitters can be used for:

  • Monitor Testing and Burn-in
  • Business Meetings
  • Demonstrations
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Presentations
  • Or any other application where the same
  • screen Image needs to be displayed on multiple monitors


  • With 300MHz pixel frequency
  • Extend the video signal up to 65 metre (213 feet)
  • Supports DDC, DDC2, DDC2B. (For video output port 1)
  • Can be cascaded
  • The output is compatible with standard VGA card

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